Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Wanderings: Penang Hill

We decided to brave the crowds over the weekend and headed up Penang Hill with my parents. There are a few things that make Penang Hill irresistible: the (rather fun) train ride up, the much cooler weather, the nature. However, we learnt that it is not a good idea to head up the hill on a weekend or a holiday, since the crowds are simply crazy. We waited for nearly an hour to board the train, but thankfully the boys managed to keep themselves occupied: Junior J sketched lanterns that he saw, Lil J peered at the old train models on display, and Baby J munched on his snack.  (If you are headed up Penang Hill, always bring snacks for the kids, because you never know how long the queue is for the train. Also pack drinks, and stuff to keep the kids busy.)

We usually head to David Brown's for lunch (to get there, turn right upon exiting the train station, walk all the way down and then up a staircase on your right). They serve western food, and at Singapore prices, but we love the lawn where the kids can run about. The place is much quieter compared to the food court downstairs, so it's easy to get a table, even on weekends. (Head down to the hawker center for your dessert though, and try the cendol!)

The place is lovely for walking about. There's so much nature to soak in, and the cooler weather up there is a big plus point! 

We finally managed to take a somewhat decent family portrait when we were up there. (I just learnt that the best probably way to ensure the boys are looking at the camera would be to make them all roar like dinosaurs!)

It was a lovely lovely weekend. Here's wishing everyone a blessed Lunar New Year again!

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