Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello 2016!

2016 is here! This month is looking to be rather hectic, since we are in the process of settling some buying/selling house matters. It's taken up a fair bit of time, with house-hunting, and people coming to view our place. While I don't like starting the new year in such a busy mode, I guess it can't be helped. However, I hope everything will be sorted out and settled soon, and I'll share more here when the time is right.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to focus on what we were trying to do last year: pruning. I guess that while my one little word for the year is "grow", pruning would still be a necessary process to allow growth to occur. January would be spent decluttering to prepare for CNY, the arrival of baby J, as well as a possible move in the middle of the year. That aside, I'm trying to also get our engines going for homeschool, so I desperately need the time to focus. As such, things might be a little quieter on the blog, and I admit I don't really have big plans for this space for the next few months, save to share more about how homeschooling and decluttering is going. Meanwhile, you'll probably be able to get more updates over on our FB page and IG account.

Anyway, here's to a blessed year ahead!

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