Saturday, August 15, 2009

Busyness begins

This week’s been rather eventful. Hubby’s uncle came to stay with us on Monday as his wife was down for an op. Had to do field work on Tues and Wed, so it meant crawling up at 5 plus in the morning to ensure I have enough time to pump, feed the boy and make it to the site at low tide. Hubby had food poisoning on Thu, so I had two “babies” to take care of that day, and to add to that, Baby J promptly pooped so much it leaked out and stained his mattress. Term also started, so I had to go for lectures on Thu, and tried driving back (which nearly gave hubby a heart attack, and me, high blood pressure. We really should get an auto car.) We had dinner with our pastor on Friday, so the day was spent chopping stuff and preparing for dinner. Today, Baby J did the diaper runneth over thing AGAIN. I seem to spend my time either feeding the boy, washing toys he throws out of the cot or washing poop stains off mattresses and bedsheets. :(

Well, on the bright side, I managed to complete another kusudama to hang above the cot. This one was quite a headache to fold, and I assembled it wrongly and had to take it apart to redo it again. The tutorial is available here.  The amazing thing about this version is its a no-glue version that fixes together like a jigsaw. Oh, and I finally managed to squeeze in a 1 km jog this evening, and the aches in the legs are starting. Time to turn in early for once!

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