Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby schedules

Just recently, I came across the baby schedules that were published on Babycentre. Its quite interesting to look through the sample schedules that have been posted up, and led me to think about our own schedule. If we had to publish our schedule, it would look something like this:

0630 hrs: Make breakfast for myself and hubby and have breakfast together, water plants, shower

0800 hrs: Baby J wakes up and he plays in the cot for a little while after which he gets his bath

0830 hrs: I bring baby J to the market or for a walk

0900 hrs: We read a book and baby J gets some time to crawl around on our bed

1000 hrs: First nap, which I usually use to prepare my lunch and baby J’s food, as well as wash the clothes

1100 hrs: Baby J eats his food (rice cereal with fruits/veg), then play time for baby J on his mat

1230 hrs: I eat my lunch while baby J plays in his bumbo seat

1300 hrs: Baby J plays in his cot

1400 hrs: Second nap, more chores for me while he sleeps, and I try to prepare stuff for dinner or study

1530 hrs: More playtime or we read another book

1730 hrs: Third nap, which I use to prepare dinner

1800 hrs: Hubby comes home (unless he’s on call) and plays with baby J while I finish preparing dinner

1900 hrs: We eat dinner while baby J sits with us at the table

1930 hrs: Baby J gets cleaned up and changed, we say a prayer and let him settle down

2000 hrs: Lights out

Each day is a mad rush to get all the chores done and dinner on the table. As its a baby-led routine, and baby J doesn’t really nap for a fixed duration of time, everything usually depends on how long he sleeps. And the little boy still refuses to sleep through the night and wakes up every 2-3 hrs to nurse. Sigh…

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