Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poop patrol

We fed the doggy the ribs left from our bak kut teh soup we ate on Tues. I think it gave him a tummy upset, having so many bones to eat, cos the dog vomited something like 6-7 times that night, and very accurately did it on almost every rug we had in the house. Then if that wasn’t enough, the dog ended up with a stomach upset the next day and pooped all over the floor in the house near our curtain divider, and I promptly had to step in the pile of doodoo while on my way to the toilet. Hubby was on call, so I was alone, it was baby J’s bedtime and he was crying, and I had to clean up all the doggy crap. Then today, the doggy still had a wonky gut and pooped a couple of times in the kitchen so we’ve been mopping and mopping the floor. The kitchen has never been this clean.

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