Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Of french clothes and car seats

Headed down to Paragon today as the shop The First Few Years was having an offer on this convertible car seat that could be fixed as both a rearward and forward facing car seat. So far, we've had alot of difficulty finding a rearward facing car seat that could seat the child beyond 1 year of age, and jumped the offer when it was published in the papers. According to studies, it seems that rearward facing child seats are still safer, hence our long search for the elusive seat that fitted that requirements. We ended up getting the Britax Boulevard CS car seat, which was pretty costly, but we figured that it was worth it to pay for safety.

Found out that Paragon has a branch of the store Chateau de sable, which sells French clothes for children. Their designs are really nice, and baby J has one suit from there which was given to him as a gift for his half birthday. Its not a place for buying everyday baby clothes since the stuff is so costly, but its sorta nice to browse the site to get ideas for sewing children's clothes. However, we got him a hat from the store since we had so much difficulty finding the boy a hat that could fit him for all those sunny trips to the park.

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