Thursday, September 24, 2009

8 months and counting...

Dearest Baby,
You hit 8 months today! Though you've fallen sick a day ago, you still are all smiles when you are awake. You love to sit up where ever you are, and always give your grandma and mama a scare when you suddenly topple over in your cot and bang your head. You have mastered the art of peeling off the tapes on your diaper, and are starting to chomp on people who are carrying you, since you now have 4 front teeth! You make grandpa laugh whenever you blow bubbles, which happens when you are tired and want to nap, and you now pat him on the shoulder when he carries you. You've started to wave hello to people with both hands, which grandma calls your "butterfly" action... We love you so so much, little one!

Your Mama

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