Friday, September 25, 2009


Baby J's cold got much worse yesterday.  His coughing sometimes causes him to puke, and he's been very cranky at night and comfort feeds almost every hour.  I've been busy taking care of the little fellow, so I haven't had time to pack the house (which still has boxes everywhere thanks to the cabinets that need to be drilled up).

Hubby's been on call once every three days as he's doing his ICU posting for 3 weeks, and was post-call yesterday.  He came back late yesterday morning, and then we went and celebrated my father's birthday at Original Sin, a vegetarian restaurant that serves Mediterranean cuisine.  After lunch, we came home to find hubby's financial advisor waiting for him at our door (he had forgotten to tell me that the advisor was coming to our place!).  The fellow must have thought we were utter slobs, since he had to step over unassembled wardrobe doors that were lying in our dining room, and half assembled cabinets in our living room...

After that, I had to rush down to NIE for lectures, and was panicking as I needed to borrow books from the library but my library card was nowhere to be found. Had to rush back after lecture as my mum sms-ed to say that baby J was feverish and refused to sleep or drink milk from the bottle...

Needless to say, yesterday I was almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown from a lack of sleep and stress, and it was heart-breaking to see baby J in so much discomfort.  The little tyke seems ok when he's awake, but becomes very very cranky near nap/sleep times.  Right now, what the house needs is a cleaning and organizing blitz, which I think will help me work off some of my stress, so no more from me til Monday... But to celebrate the coming of the weekend before I go, here's a picture taken at Lake Tekapo, in New Zealand, one of the most picturesque places I've ever visited!  Have a great weekend!

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