Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend whining...

It has been a very exhausting weekend that went something like this:

Friday: The boy's cough is getting worse, and makes him puke up once in awhile. He's starting to be a little grumpy and cranky, and wasn't amused when I put him next to this monster bear from the MIL's colleagues. However, the Papa coming home was enough to make him cheerful again. We've noticed him starting to practice the pincer-grasp and he's starting to pose with a pointed finger, which is pretty cute!

Saturday: The boy's cough is getting even worse and he is slightly feverish. Hubby is on call, and I was supposed to attend a good friend's wedding with baby J at a church just near my block. Just 20 minutes before we are due to leave, I put in my contacts lenses and scoop baby J to change him. A coughing fit hits him and both of us are drenched in puke the next minute. The idea of having baby J puke over a nice dress in the middle of the wedding (and drawing more attention than the bride) is too horrifying to contemplate and I decide that we better stay home.

The cough seems to get slightly better but then gets worse at night. Baby J wakes up at 1 am, cries, coughs and then pukes all over his cot. I get him changed, comfort him, feed him and he goes back to sleep. 4 am and the boy cries, coughs, and you know what happens next. By the time I was done settling him and the soaked sheets, it was 5 am, and I was very tempted to cry into the pillow out of sheer frustration. I settled instead for a huge chunk of dark chocolate and 5 minutes of prayer, after which I feel much calmer. Helped too that by sheer coincidence, the radio was playing an instrumental version of "Be still my soul". 7.30 am, and the boy... ahhhh, by now you know the drill.

Sunday: We miss church as hubby ends his call late, and baby J's coughing gets much worse when he's in air-conditioned rooms. I spend most of baby J's naps napping as well (so much for the cleaning blitz I mentioned last time!). Baby J seems much better but he still pukes over me when I bring him out for a walk in the evening. No puking at night, but he wakes up every hour or so from his coughing and wants to feed.

Well well... even though the weekend was filled with puke puke and more puke, I should count my blessings...  My mum helped to get lunch and dinner for me on Saturday since I was alone at home, and my dad popped by a few times to play with the little boy. And the toilet cabinets and wardrobe doors are up, thanks to hubby's hard work and baby J's Godpa's help on Sunday.  Its nice not to trip over boxes in the dining room!

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