Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Made: Kitchen Kraft

I'm starting to dabble in some craftwork, but nothing is ready yet, so I can't really post about it.  However during the weekend, I decided to clean the fridge, which was smudgy and grimy, and sorted out all the magnets and junk stuck to it.  We had a lot of magnets from various countries (both purchased souvenirs as well as some gifts), and they have been cluttering up the fridge for awhile.  Decided to modify an idea I got from Amber's blog for a continent box and did a "explore the world" area at the bottom of the fridge for baby J.  Since sometimes I sit him in the kitchen while I prepare his meals, I thought he could sit in front of the fridge and look at the stuff rather than spend his entire time banging his teether against the washing machine...

I got a world map off the net and added in the continents in larger text and printed it out.  Then I just slipped it into a clear-holder and stuck it on the fridge, surrounded by magnets from around the world.  The magnets are still out of his reach as I'm worried he may break some of them, but sometimes I carry him to let him touch the magnets.  He particularly likes to pat the Norwegian troll in the nose!

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