Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thankful Tuesdays

I'm starting a cough as well, so I thought I should challenge myself and think of 10 things to give thanks for  instead of being grumpy... So here goes!

I'm thankful to God that:

1. It rained last night so the haze is gone, and the weather is nice and breezy today.  Perfect for drying all the puked-up sheets and for playground trips.

2. Baby J's night time puke sessions have reduced to once or none.  Hubby was around yesterday night so I had help when the fellow puked at 4 am.

3. Baby J's getting a little better.  He's still sniffly and has a bad cough, but he's still active and interested in weird things like the ties on our bolster.  He's also napping more which is a relief, since he barely napped when he first fell sick, thanks to the coughing.

4. Hubby vaccuumed the house yesterday and gave the stinky dog a bath, so the house (and dog) are both nice and clean!  Thank you dear...

5.  It's one of my DG mates' birthday.  She's moved to the US with her hubby, but Happy Birthday dear gal, anyway!  

6. My mum has been such a great help!  She just got vicks for the little boy to rub on his chest for his cough, and brought lunch for me since I'm feeling under the weather...

7. My dad popped by yesterday to bring dinner and to take care of the little boy while we ate, which really helped.

8. My mummy friends were so willing to reassure me that the puking was normal and gave me useful advice.

9. Some of the plants in our little garden are starting to flower.  One of the orchids, as well as the silver flame...

10. There's still some stuff that can calm the cranky boy down after a puking session: Blowing soap bubbles, curtains blowing in the wind, and some cuddling...

There!  That wasn't so hard... and I'm feeling much better! :)


  1. A fantastic way to celbrate today...being thankful! I read your profile and I know what being a mommy and student is like...there truly aren't enough hours in the day! You have a beautiful baby boy! Best of luck to you! I found you on Christian Mom's Blog Ring. I'll stop by again soon!

  2. Hello there! Thanks for dropping by, and all the best for your studies too!



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