Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chasing crabs

Today was lecture day and hubby is on call, so my mum helped to babysit in the evening, but now its just me and the sleeping baby (and of course the doggy). Even though the exams, studying and working out the dissertation (of which I sometimes don't know what I'm doing!) stresses me out, I'm glad I took up the zoology course. I've always been interested in studying animals and just never got the chance to do it til now. Going for lectures, writing papers, and doing research really helps me to keep my brain sharp, and prevents me from degenerating into a mom that only is concerned about poop, diapers and feeds. Not that I'm saying we shouldn't be, just that I guess all mothers (esp SAHMs!) need "me time".

It helps that my research involves fieldwork, so I have to go to the park frequently and squat at the mangroves (whilst attracting stares at why this nut is pointing the videocam on the ground at apparently nothing). Its very nice to stroll through the park in the morning and spend time just watching the behaviour of the fiddler crabs (of which I'm researching on for my dissertation), though people have stopped me before to ask me if I'm lost, while looking very concerned like I should be in some mental hospital or something.

I'm just very glad that hubby has been so supportive, and the good news is... I FINALLY managed to get my research approach proposal out today, after 2 months of doing general observations!  Its really a load off my mind.  We have a discipleship group retreat coming up this weekend that I'm looking forward to, so I gotta go pack now.  Its amazing how the smallest member of the family always needs the most stuff when we have to travel!

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