Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bargain books

We had to go down to Paragon yesterday to get a portable cot (for travelling) as Mothercare didn't have it in stock. Went to try the mee pok in Lucky Plaza next door, which was pretty good, and chanced upon this bookstore called "Discount Books". As the name implies, the store sells new books at a reduced price, as they actually obtain the leftovers from publishers. The store had all sorts of interesting reads that you usually don't see on the shelves of mainstream bookstores, but what made me very happy were all the children books they were selling at less than 10 bucks each! Usually we get most of our stuff from Borders when they are having the "3 for 2 discount" on children items, but children books can be pretty costly. The store was actually selling those little board books for $3-4 each, and they also had various types of flash cards, so we bought a few, and hubby got some guitar book for himself and a puzzle book for us to pour over next time.  I particularly like the board books as the pictures are photos rather than cartoony drawings.

Been having a lot of difficulty moving on with my dissertation as I don't seem to be able to have blocks of time to sit down to read journals.  Most of the time is spent playing/caring/feeding baby J, and when he's asleep there's all that housework and dinner to prepare.  But now that he's napping and that I've done most of the important chores, I'd better go and do some reading!

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