Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thankful Tuesdays

We've started letting the little boy wear shoes. I've read that its recommended to let them go barefoot unless they are walking outside, but in certain places, it gets so cold that his toes really start to freeze (like in church), so we just let him wear them to keep him warm. The shoes fascinate him til no end. He fiddles with the shoes and puts them in his mouth (even when he's wearing them!). Since he's so interested in them, they've become a useful "bait" to encourage him to crawl towards!

And speaking of church, just the other week the pastor preaching reminded us about the importance of being grateful and not complaining so much (which is a tendency that many of us Singaporean have unfortunately!). So I've decided that Tuesday's posts will all be dedicated to being thankful, such that this blog will remind me how blessed I am. :)

So for today, what am I very thankful about? I would say my hubby comes to mind. He's been such a supportive and loving husband and father. Just yesterday, he willingly went for a run with me as I'm training for my 5 km run in Nov, and took baby J grocery shopping after that so I could settle some family matters. Plus on Sunday, when I was supposed to cook dinner for some of our uni friends, he chipped in to help after I panicked one hour before we were expecting guests, as I didn't have much time to prepare the food and I also had to take care of baby J. He was post-call that day, and had only slept 1 hour at work the night before, so he was very zonked. Further more, we had gone for church that morning, so in all he only managed to catch a few more hours of sleep before having to get up to help. He has his weak points as we all do, but he's always been a fantastic father. He's the "snot-extractor" for baby J since he has more steady hands, and never fails to make the fellow laugh. And of course, he has the ability to make me laugh too. :) I really thank God for him!

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