Monday, September 14, 2009

Travelling light (Part 2)

Ok, by now you'll know that both hubby and I have a weakness for baby gear that makes taking care of baby J easier.  Take for an instance the Sack n Seat which we got recently when it was on sale.  So far, we've always gone on overnight trips lugging the Bumbo seat so that baby J could sit up without us having him in our lap all the time.  But now he's been able to sit up pretty well without support, and it's not practical for us to drag the Bumbo along when we go out all the the time. So we thought the Sack n Seat would be perfect for baby J now, since it means that baby J can sit in an adult chair, and we won't need to always find eateries with high chairs.  He gets very unhappy if we leave him in the pram when we have our meals, so its always been either a high chair, or the Papa/Mama lap chair.  But having him in our lap is challenging since he lunges for the utensils.  Try eating noodles with chopsticks while your baby grabs at your plate!

I let baby J try out the seat today, and I think he wasn't too impressed (going by his expression in the photo), but it does its job of keeping him seated on the chair. It may not be suitable for very active babies though, and baby J did try to squirm out after awhile. But I like its portability, and how it folds up into a small bag that's attached to the actual seat, making it perfect for stuffing into an already loaded diaper bag. Think I'll have to let him try the seat a few more times though!

And finally, one more travelling buddy we have is our "diaper caddy".  I've seen very nice ones being sold like the one by Skip and Hop, but most of them are pretty expensive, and may not fit everything that you need.  This is our own version of the caddy, our very own "baby essentials basket"!  The basket came from one of those gift hampers that we received, and fits everything just right.

Aside from diapers, wipes and nappy cream, we've also stuffed in his nail cutting kit, the stuff we use to clear his nose (plus the torch the Papa uses to look into his nose), baby laundry detergent, baby lotion, his top-to-toe wash, medicated oil (for tummy aches), his brush and baby powder.  We use the basket at home, and just transfer the entire thing into the car when we go on overseas trips.  But I'll probably have to think of something else when we go for the China trip, since checking in the basket as hand luggage will look pretty odd!  Any ideas anyone?

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  1. Hi,
    Chance upon ur site from Blogging Moms.
    For travelling, it is better to find a useful nappy bag or haversack with lots of pockets to put different items. Actually not necessary to invest in a very expensive bag.
    For me, I normally use larger tote bag and dump everything inside :)



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