Saturday, October 31, 2009

A little later than 9 months...

Dearest baby,

You've hit 9 months last week when we were in Yunnan, but Mama couldn't post about it til now as Blogger seems to be banned in China! You've gotten more opinionated nowadays, and you cry when you don't get your way, like when we take away something that you've been playing with. You seize every opportunity to pull yourself up to stand, so it means I can't really leave you alone in the travel crib for fear that you'll tip back and fall down.  And when you're standing, you like to bounce up and down, like a baby Elvis learning to rock and roll!

Your toothy grin is infectious, and everyone who went along with us to Yunnan commented on how good a baby you are, since you hardly cry when you are out.  You made friends easily on that trip, letting all the uncles and aunties carry you and smiling at all the stewardesses on the plane.

Yet even with your easy-going, cheerful nature, we're starting to see this independent streak coming out. You always lunge for the spoon and want to feed yourself during mealtimes, and you like brushing your own teeth!  You're growing up so fast that Papa and Mama sometimes wish there was a pause button we could push to enjoy this stage a little longer...

Your Mama

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