Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thankful Tuesdays: Weekend wanderings...

The exams are coming up for me, so I'll not be able to post about our trip until probably later in the week, when I'm done with my assignments and studying. Anyway, we had a great weekend after coming back from Yunnan, and are grateful to God for:

1. Friends, family & feasts: We had 2 seafood dinners across the weekend, first at Jumbo seafood with a couple of friends who went for the Yunnan trip, then another the next day at Melben seafood with family and my uncle and aunt that were visiting from the UK. Chilli crab for 2 days running! (Jumbo seafood gave baby J a bib and he had lots of fun playing with it. The photo quality's pretty bad though, as it was taken with the iPhone... but it beats lugging the big SLR around!)

2. Good friends: I went for the 5 km Great Eastern Woman's Run with baby J's godma, HP, and enjoyed the time chatting and running with her, though I ached like crazy after that!  HP was actually not feeling too good as she just had some vaccinations done, so I was so grateful she still came along! It would have been very lonely running the race on my own, and probably very tough going since there's no one to encourage you to keep running when you feel like you cannot go on... We hadn't trained much before the run, so I was half hoping that it would rain in the morning so that I won't have to wake up early and run in the race, but the weather was quite nice and cool. I was quite surprised that we managed to run most of the route, and we finished in 43 minutes (just slightly longer than what we took 2 years back), partially because HP was rushing to go to church as she had to play the organ that day!

3. Our pets: We dog-sat for Angel on Saturday as her owners Nat and Steph had a full day out.  Apart from peeing on our couch, Angel was a darling... She's one happy doggy, prancing around during a thunderstorm while our Nicky was hiding quivering under the bed!  The two dogs had fun wrestling and fighting over a bone, and spent most of the day running around playing.  Angel won the bone of course (or we like to think that Nicky was being gentlemanly and gave it to her!).

4. Good health: Baby J suddenly came down with a high fever on Sunday night and spent the entire night crying.  His fever peaked on Monday at 39 degrees, and I was frantic, thinking of all the worst possible illnesses he could have (meningitis, UTI, etc) since he didn't really have flu or cold symptoms.    We sent SMSes asking our DG to pray, and his fever came down on Monday morning after his morning bath.  Thank God that his fever is gone, and though he's still pretty cranky, he's more or less back to normal.  We still haven't figured out what bug he caught though.  I'm just glad he's ok, it was heartbreaking seeing him in so much discomfort!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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