Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thankful Tuesdays: 9 years ago

9 years ago, I signed up for missions training when I was still studying in NUS.  I got slotted into team China consisting of 5 members including myself, and got to know the hubby, who was also studying in NUS then.  Months later, we headed as a team to Lijiang, Yunnan, and spent 3 weeks in an orphanage in the Old Town in Lijiang, teaching the children English and generally helping out in the daily activities there.  When we left, we promised ourselves that we would try to keep in contact with the people there.

9 years later, hubby and I are married, and we have a baby boy.  The busyness of work and life in general made it easy for us to lose contact with those friends we made in Yunnan.  But now, we are headed back to Yunnan, this time, for a hospital, instead of an orphanage.  We have 2 international flights, 2 internal flights, and 2 4-hour bus rides lined up for us at the start and end of the trip.  Its a rural place, and truth be told, I'm worried about many things, especially on how I'll be able to cope with baby, it being the first time he's flying, and with me having to cope on my own while hubby is in the OT on most days.

But thinking back on our trip 9 years ago, I am reminded on how God took care of us then, during the trip, and how he is still taking care of us now.  He's blessed us with so much.  So as much as I am a particularly paranoid parent and a chronic worrywart, I am trying to learn how to keep trusting in Him.

This week, I am very thankful for our friends and family, who have sent me emails of encouragement after I mailed out our prayer letter for the trip.  Knowing that we have so many people keeping us in prayer is such a great morale booster!  Also, I'm so grateful to my friend who was willing to take care of our doggy, even though she's heavily pregnant.  She has to walk two doggies, which is no joke considering that Nicky tends to strain very hard at the leash, and launches himself at any passing dog or cat!

The LORD is my shepherd... Amen! :)

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