Monday, October 19, 2009

Packing and baby MG's first month...

You know you are a parent when :
1. Your packing list for a trip to rural China is 100 items long (if the toiletries are listed in detail that is), of which most items are not for you, or your hubby.

2. You worry that you get stopped at the airport customs for carrying suspicious looking powders (which are, in fact ikan bilis powder and brown rice cereal) and they get confiscated, leaving you with no food for your baby.

3. Your main worry about health is not getting food poisoning, but that your baby didn't get flu shots for the trip which is during mid-autumn.

4. Your worries about the flight do not deal with having the entertainment system breakdown, or sitting next to a snoring person, but that your baby will scream due to changes in air pressure, and be more of a nuisance than that snoring person.

5. Your luggage is 1/3rds filled up with diapers and a ducky bathtub.

6. Your aim upon reaching your place of stay is not to explore places of interest, but to find the local market to buy apples for applesauce.

7. You carry bubble solution in your handbag along with your passport, just in case you need to calm cranky nerves.

Oh yes, the trials of being a travelling parent!

On a brighter note, our friend's son, baby MG celebrated his first month yesterday, so we popped by and got to meet the little boy... As usual, we lugged the baby and the SLR along with us (think we should change our amateur photography "business" name from Jcube, after the 3 of our names, to Ccube, for Crazy Camera Couple!).  The little baby had all his hair shaved off to make the traditional calligraphy brush, and always closed his eyes whenever we tried to take a photo... Hubby managed to get some nice shots of baby MG while I was feeding baby J, and it was nice chatting with the other parents there.

Baby J had a good time investigating the various fish tanks and patting a giant frog statue.

Happy first month, baby MG, and may you grow up to be a healthy and good boy! :)

Now I'm off to get baked in the mangroves again.  Have a great week ahead everyone!

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