Friday, October 16, 2009

One satisfied customer...

Make that two... baby J finished his lunch today and seemed to like it, so that makes me extremely happy!  We've been trying chicken, and for the past two meals (of brown rice and chicken puree), he has screamed his head off after two mouthfuls.  I thought it was due to the taste of the chicken, since its so different from all the fruits and veggies we've tried so far.  Hubby suggested that I mix the chicken with oatmeal (which I thought was a weird combination initially), since he likes that, so I did that today, adding some carrot puree to mask the chicken taste, and he liked it... or at least he opened his mouth to eat, which is so rare now!

We have a busy weekend lined up for us.  Even Nicky is busy, and has a sleepover arranged for him today, to see if he's ok staying in the same house with Angel.  His birthday was yesterday, but we didn't have time to celebrate it for him since I had to attend a lecture, so we'll probably give him a big treat next week when he's back from his sleepover.  I think I'd better start packing for the trip too, since I'm such a slow packer... Am starting to get jitters thinking of the trip coming up next week!

Have a fantastic Friday everyone, and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Nothing is happier than our kids enjoying the food that we prepare:)

  2. Yup! I agree with you... but its such a challenge to make food that baby likes!



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