Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend wanderings: Doggy date

One of the highlights of the weekend was Nicky's (our doggy) playdate. As I've mentioned earlier, we have been trying to find someone to help us dog-sit when we are overseas, and my colleague mentioned that she was game to try. The only "obstacle" was that she also owns a barky schnauzer as well, and since Nicky doesn't have very nice manners (we adopted him when he was almost one, so its been tough trying to correct his bad habits!), we were worried he would harass Angel when they are housed together.  

In the end, we decided to arrange for a playdate to see if the 2 dogs could get along, and ended up meeting in Bishan Park (a plus point since the place was nearby and had dog friendly eateries!). So laden with the baby, diaper bag, dog, SLR (hubby was shaking his head at my insistence of dragging the camera along, but ended up taking most of the pictures!) and pram, we trundled our way to the park.

5 minutes into the meeting and our worries about Nicky being a big bully totally evaporated, as after Nicky sniffed Angel too hard, she snapped at him and he retreated to hide behind us (you can see abit of him backing off in the photo!)... looking very sheepish at being caught looking like a coward.

We had dinner at one of the cafes there, and had a good time catching up with my friend and her hubby. The 2 dogs sat under the table and Nicky more or less kept a safe distance from Angel most of the time.  She's small and really cute (but really feisty!), and reminds me of a Westie, and the 2 of them make a rather "cute" couple, with her being salt and pepper, and him being black.  Both of them are sterilized, so no puppies are gonna result from this though!  We've decided that Nicky has to do a sleepover at my friend's place to see if they get along alright in Angel's "territory".  My friend is expecting a baby girl in December, so if the 2 doggies get along, Angel will probably stay with us when she gives birth, at least for awhile... Hopefully this "doggy alliance" will work out, since my mum doesn't really like to be saddled with the dog when we are overseas!

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