Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Made: Setting up shop?

A dear DG mate from Japan went home recently to visit her family, and got me two beautiful swathes of Japanese fabrics (Thanks gal!). After fingering the fabrics and trying to decide among the multitude of ideas that were swimming around in my head, I finally set-up my new sewing machine and starting sewing this as a gift for one of my friends who's expecting a boy in February:

Call them nursing covers, booby bibs or hooter hiders... no matter what the name, I really think they are a life-saver for any breastfeeding mother who isn't comfortable in being exposed when breastfeeding in public.  I've used mine in church so that I could sit in and listen to the sermon, when travelling (especially in places where there are no nursing rooms like in Malaysia and China) and in parks and the zoo!  Ever since I got one, I've ditched trying to use a shawl (which gets hot since it drapes around your neck), and we no longer have to wait desperately outside an occupied nursing room while consoling a crying, hungry baby.

The sewing took me a few hours, since I've not sewn for years, and had to figure out how to make the cover.  I managed to make one that works the same way as the one I have, with D-rings that make the strap adjustable, and a structured top that allows you to peek at baby while nursing (and that gives baby some air too!).... Yay! :)  I thought I'd sew one instead of getting one as a gift, since the nice ones are really expensive (USD $35!), while the local brands don't have nice designs.

Right now... I've gotten an order from the friend (whom I gave the cover to) for another of her pregnant colleagues, and a perfect stranger spoke to hubby today at the supermarket about ordering one... So I'm seriously thinking of setting up shop and selling these, especially since I recently ordered a whole pile of fabrics (like those gorgeous Amy Butler designs).  Hmmmm...

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  1. This is a GREAT idea! -and the fabric looks gorgeous. I always found shawls were hard to negotiate! And there are very limited nursing rooms here in Turkey. Please let me know if you do set up a shop...we have been wondering whether to take the leap and have another baby...yikes!... so it might be just what I will be needing soon!



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