Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend wanderings: F is for fun...

The weekend that past was a long weekend as Friday was the Hari Raya public holiday, and it was an enjoyable fun-filled weekend of friends, food and fabric (more about that in the next post!)... and to make it even more fantastic, the hubby came home with flowers for me on Thursday, which made my day! :)

Friday morning saw us heading down to the Tiong Bahru market for breakfast, as hubby wanted to buy salted vegetables (he swears that the market sells a superior salted veg) to cook duck soup for a potluck in the evening.  We tried the wanton noodles there, which were very yummy, but the queue was extremely long!

The potluck in the evening was at one of our DG mate P's (and the team leader of our Yunnan trip) house, and we had stew, chicken wings, chicken soup, duck soup (cooked by hubby!), fried rice, roast pork... and the highlight of the evening was this fantastic Aumonieres de mangues au caramel laitier made by one of our Yunnan team-mates, C.  She had just come back from learning how to cook in France, and the dessert was really good, but the guys kept teasing her and saying she went all the way to France to learn how to make roti prata filled with mango!  Baby J was busy crawling around during the potluck and destroying an old envelope... and he learnt how to climb up a step while he was at it (took him only a few tries before he mastered it!).  

Then it was an NIE classmate's wedding at the Raffles Hotel on Saturday afternoon.  Hubby was on call, so he dropped us off at work and I headed down to town with baby J.  It was baby J's first time on the MRT train (we usually take the bus), and was really quiet as he was occupied by looking at all the people around him.  However, he was so restless during the wedding that I missed most of the ceremony as I had to take him outside to settle down, but it was quite nice wandering around the hotel, which is really pretty... Had a good time catching up with 2 of my NIE classmates, whom I've haven't met in ages (but then, that's pretty common since all the teachers are always drowning in work!).  Oh, and for once, the wedding favour was a useful item: A ruler!  (And I love the words on it!)

Ahhhh... Sunday was challenging, as I had to get myself and baby J ready (breakfast and baths for both of us that is!) and we had to head down to church on our own since hubby was going to go to church straight from work.  If that wasn't enough, baby J gagged during breakfast and puked up most of what he ate, and the dog had a stomach upset (thanks to him drinking fish tank water as hubby left a pail of water plants on the floor as he was replanting his aquarium) and had diarrhoea all over my bedroom floor! I ended up having to take a cab, but we made it there in one piece!

We had a buffet lunch with baby J's Godpa and P at a Chinese restaurant in the Fusionopolis, (which actually is a R&D complex), which serves pretty decent fried sotong and century egg porridge, and then wandered around their supermarket checking out interesting snacks and food.

Oh, and finally, I was just telling hubby that we have been spending a little too much on eating out, so for the month of December, we're going on a "Project Cheap Chomps", where we're going to challenge ourselves to have yummy meals costing less than $5 per person when we eat out... and I'm going to try to cook more.  (Ok, I've just realised that this blog is turning into a food blog, which it is not, so I'm going to try to restrict food posts to Friday!)

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well! :)

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