Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thinking Thursdays: 50 ways life has changed

I was reading this article from the Babycentre website on 42 ways life has changed after baby arrived, and I couldn't agree more with the points stated!  I'll add 8 more ways to make that 50:

1. Strangers now smile at you (ok, they're actually smiling at the baby) on the street, and wave hello.

2. Lack of sleep is now the norm, but everything is made right in the morning when you see that toothy grin!

3. You learn to appreciate the little things in life as you look through baby's eyes: Shafts of sunlight, splashing water, bubbles, and rides on the swing!

4. You treasure the things that count: Relationships, friends, laughter, over things that used to matter, like money, gadgets and clothes...

5. You try to make the world a better place, and you try to be more environmentally friendly, because you are leaving this world for someone precious.

6. Going out is no longer a simple matter of grabbing your keys, phone and wallet, but a whole ritual of packing toys, food, things to distract... and of course, diapers...

7. You now have a faithful shopping companion, but you just can't try on clothes when you're shopping (as the pram can't fit in the changing room!).

8. You learn what it is to love unconditionally, and discover you have a whole load of patience you never knew you had!


  1. These are so true!

    For #1, I was at a store once and this woman was making weird faces at me. I kind of gave her a dirty look until I realized that she was actually making faces at my son (who I was wearing in a baby bjorn)! Oops!



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