Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weaning Wednesdays: Kebabs and orange stuff...

Ok, the kebabs were not eaten by baby J, but us!  I was having a kebab craving yesterday, so hubby and I headed down to Cafe Le Cairo for dinner.  The eatery is located at Arab street, which is a nice place to explore as its rich in culture and chok-full of little places to shop.  Its also THE place to go to if you want to buy fabrics, as there are at least 15 fabric shops, squashed among other shops selling wicker products and carpets.

I previously had a meal there many years back, when my uni class was brought there for a food-tasting session for a module on Islam history and culture.  The food there is apparently pretty authentic according to my lecturer, and they have expanded their premises quite a bit since my first visit there.  They now have an air-conditioned section upstairs, which is good if you have kids as it may get pretty smoky downstairs thanks to all the people smoking the Turkish shisha pipe.  

The kebabs were a tad tough, but still pretty yummy, and it was nice sitting there sipping mint tea and having a candlelight dinner with hubby (however, that meant it was dark so it was hard to take good shots, especially with the iPhone!).  Baby J was happily eating his baby pasta with squash puree, which I used as his "pasta sauce".

Which brings me to talking about his food again.  Baby J has still more or less retained his hearty appetite for solid food, save for rice porridge which he usually spits out (seems like we have a Chinese baby with rather "western" taste buds right now!).  We've added papaya, nectarines as well as squash to his repertoire, and I've upped his daily meal count to 3.  He didn't like the taste of the nectarines, possibly because they might not have been ripe enough, but he absolutely loves papaya.  Its his all time favourite food, and he eats ALOT of it at one sitting, and his resulting poop ends up smelling like papaya as well!  (Not that I'm complaining, since that's way better than some of the really stinky ones that result when he takes ikan bilis!)  Right now, we've come to the conclusion he loves all things orange, like carrots, squash and papaya. At the rate he's going, he's going to turn orange soon like his favourite foods, with all that beta carotene he's getting!

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