Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ten months... :)

Dear baby,
You are 10 months old today!  You are one active little fellow, crawling everywhere to explore everything, and nothing escapes your tiny hands, especially any electrical wires... You are quick to zoom in on the camera too when we point it at you, and you are fascinated with plastic bags and love to crumple up paper.  Just today, you managed to get your hands on Mama's magazine, and now supermodel Heidi Klum has wrinkles no plastic surgeon can erase!  You are constantly crawling after the doggy, and when Nicky licks you, you'll wrinkle up your nose which makes me laugh...

You are starting to throw tantrums whenever you don't get your way, and you cry whenever we take away something that you've been playing with.  Papa calls this your "terrible tens" phase... but aside from these times, you are one happy little fellow, always smiling, babbling and banging things.  You're starting to cruise a little and are always pulling yourself up in your cot to gnaw at the cot rail like a hamster...  Just a few days back, you suddenly started to clap your hands, and you love to play with your drum set.  You're also starting to learn how to fit the nesting barrels together, and you always are fascinated with small things, like the tags and washing labels on toys...

You've become like a snail, leaving a trail of slime (drool) as you crawl as you've sprouted another 6 more teeth!  Somedays, you bite Papa's fingers and seem to enjoy the yell of pain he gives whenever you do that... but no matter what, both Papa and Mama love you!

Your Mama

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