Thursday, December 24, 2009

11 months!

Dearest baby,
You turn 11 months today, just one month shy from your first birthday!  Its been a wonderful (though tiring!) journey to see how you've grown and developed these months.  You love to do things in cycles, repeating and repeating certain actions over and over, such as standing up, throwing a toy down, and then stooping to get the toy, or throwing your toys and crawling after them.  You love playing with your nesting barrels and are fascinated with any round-shaped container.

The CD player now is your good friend, and you always delight your grandparents by bobbing up and down, clapping and waving your hands whenever there's a catchy tune playing.  You've also outgrown your fear of your noisy rubbish truck toy, and no longer crawl away from it when the lights on the truck are flashing... You've started imitating us, and go "brrrr", make slurping noises or clicking noises whenever we do them, and love to play peekaboo with us.

You absolutely hate to have your diaper changed and will cry and try to crawl around, much to Mama's horror... so we've taken to giving you all sorts of things to examine during a diaper change, ranging from Mama's watch or hairclips to lotion containers.

You've been one happy little boy, and you continually bring us joy everyday.  We love you, little fellow!

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