Friday, December 25, 2009

Foodie Fridays: Majestic Restaurant

We went to celebrate hubby's birthday by having dinner at the Majestic Restaurant, in the New Majestic Hotel.  And in case you were thinking I've started taking abstract photos, that's actually what you see on the ceiling above you when you dine at the restaurant.  They're actually potholes giving you a view of the swimming pool above the restaurant.  I guess some guys would probably appreciate those potholes, but there was no one swimming when we were there, and it gets pretty dark if you're there for dinner.

The restaurant serves cantonese cuisine, and everyone raved about their appetizer dish of wasabi prawn and foie gras as well as the shark bone with fish maw soup, so we tried both dishes.  Both were really good, but hubby ate most of the foie gras since I'm not a fan of it, in view of the cruelty associated with force-feeding the poor duck (granted, the duck gets killed for cooking in the end, but hey, you don't need to torture the fellow when he's alive right?).

We also tried their Boston lobster with stewed noodles and pan-seared rib-eye.  The lobster was a disappointment, and we've concluded that lobsters are only good when eaten plain and steamed, fresh from the ocean (that was thanks to the one time we ate crayfish in Kaikoura in New Zealand).  The rib-eye was soft and pretty yummy, and went well with the asparagus dish we ordered.  We also tried the Japanese hand-pulled noodles which were so-so, but that turned out to be overkill since we didn't expect such large portions for the other mains.  We were so full we didn't order dessert and didn't get to try their popular grass-jelly sorbet, but the restaurant served us complimentary longevity buns for hubby's birthday.  All in all, the food's pretty good, but its rather expensive, but if you like smaller, cosier Chinese restaurants, that might be a place to consider.

We brought along the boy as usual for the dinner, and kept him entertained for part of the meal by letting him play with one of his new bath squirters, a gift from our friends that are now in the States (Thanks SY!).  The boy was half-amused and didn't know what to make of the puffer fish literally puffing jets of air at him:

And we used his new absolutely cute reindeer bib for the dinner (again, from our friends, who really get us great stuff as you can see!), which brings me to my last point: Blessed Christmas everyone, and have a wonderful year to come!  Thank you for following us thus far on our journey here on parenthood! :)

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