Sunday, December 27, 2009

Putting the Christ back into X'mas

My secondary school principal used to remind us to spell Christmas properly, and not use the common short-form, X'mas, and I think with good reason.  Looking at how Christmas is celebrated nowadays, I'm not surprised that Christmas has morphed into X'mas, seeing the plethora of Santas, sales and snow that is now more commonly associated with this day than the actual reason: To celebrate the coming of Christ on earth.  

Now that I'm viewing things through the eyes of a mother of a small child, I think I can appreciate Christmas better, for two reasons... Firstly, I think Christmas celebrations are always a source of joy for children.  The gifts, the lights, the songs, the family traditions... What better way to share with them about the greatest gift of all, than during this season of giving?

Secondly, I value God's gift of his Son more, since now I am in a better position to understand what a sacrifice that must have been.  To give up your own precious child, for the uncle that snatches your carpark lot, for the swindlers, for the person who cuts your queue and grabs your cab when you've been waiting desperately for 20 minutes... I still am trying to grasp how great and wonderful His love must be.  And as I rock baby J to sleep, I begin to wonder at the amazement the 3 wise men must have felt as they saw God's Son as a wee little baby.  How Mary and Joseph must have marveled as they took care of Jesus and witnessed his first steps and first words!  And when I hear baby J cry and think about the helplessness of all little babies, I wonder... and I give thanks.

I hope this Christmas has been a blessed one! :)

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