Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weaning Wednesdays: What works...

We've started having meals together with baby J since he's now having 3 meals a day, and I think its good as he seems to be more willing to eat when he sees that we are eating as well.  Breakfast usually would consist of cereal (either Cheerios or graduate puffs which I'm trying again) with some fruit, lunch would be some veggies and sometimes meat (with abit of rice sneaked in), and dinner would veggies again with either rice or pasta.  

Since I've ditched all my purees ever since our fridge conked out the other time, all his meals have been freshly prepared.  What seems to be the fastest way would be to plonk all the cut veggies, rice and meat into the Pigeon porridge cooking pot with a wee bit of water, fill the rice cooker with some water, and then just switch it on and leave it to cook.  About 15 minutes later, I get my rice and veggies, all ready for serving!  The pot has been designed such that you can leave it in there with your rice, so that you can cook rice for your own meal along with baby's food... which I think is a pretty smart idea!  (Trust the Japanese to come up with it!)

I've added pumpkin and broccoli to the weaning list. Just yesterday, we went to Udders with two of our friends for ice cream after lunch, and I ordered the pear and mango sorbet (since ice cream is a no no for me thanks to the milk which would make baby J reflux).  We let the fellow try a little of the pear sorbet, since he's tried pear before, and he was wrinkling his nose at the coldness of the sorbet, which was really funny!  Didn't let him try too much though, since we don't want him to get used to all the sweet stuff!  Oh, and for those who are interested in learning how to make ice-cream, Udders actually runs ice-cream workshops cum buffets... just check out their website!

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