Monday, January 25, 2010

One year!

Dearest baby,
Just one year ago, Mama was feverishly spring-cleaning the house in the morning for Chinese New Year when the contractions came.  That night, you arrived with a big yell, and changed our lives forever.  Happy Birthday, dear little one, and we pray that you'll grow up to be a God-fearing, strong and courageous boy...

Right now, you're still refusing to try to walk on your own and are happy to get around the house by crawling in your usual style (while most babies have 2 hands and 2 knees on the ground, you insist on crawling using 2 hands, 1 knee and 1 foot).  You are one talkative fellow and babble all sorts of things, and love to say "Bung!"while throwing toys out of the cot.  You give us "manly" kisses, which consist of us trying to kiss you, and you trying to head-butt us in the nose (which hurts, but we don't mind!).  You love to be thrown up in the air, and also love to dangle upside down from our arms (Basically anything involving a lot of energy expenditure on our part)...

You simply love music, and always bob and wave your hands whenever something with a catching tune is playing.  And you never fail to make us laugh, especially when you try to poop by assuming the position that an ostrich takes when hiding its head in the ground: Head down, butt up high, and you straining until you are red in the face!

Photo by: Ampulets (Uncle Monster, who's behind the design company, is our DG mate and is always nice enough to help us take great photos!)

You are one sociable fellow, and love to people watch when we are out, but you've started getting pretty bad stranger anxiety as well, so you sometimes cry when others carry you.  You love to pat Nicky the dog, and Nicky loves you too, because you always drop food down during mealtimes, which he gets to eat!  You absolutely refuse to eat rice porridge, and will only eat oatmeal porridge, and you love to squish grapes in your mouth.  You only drink milk if its straight from the source, and you stubbornly refuse to drink any milk from the bottle (which makes poor Grandma's job very difficult when she's taking care of you when Mama's away for lectures...).

It's really been a year with a difference, seeing you grow up to become our little toddler (who ironically, can't toddle yet!).  Time flies, and as we hang on to these little moments of you growing up, we just want to hold you tight and say that we love you so very much!

Your Mama

PS: And since you are no longer a baby anymore, we're going to refer to you as Junior J from henceforth on this blog!


  1. Happy Birthday to our little one! BTW, I really enjoy the photos that you have taken at Taiwan. Beautiful. I guess I must also visit Taiwan as it is simply beautiful:)

  2. Hi Denesa! :)
    Thanks for the birthday wishes! Yup, you should go, the place is really beautiful! Mail me if you want our itinerary with all the places we stayed! :)

  3. A really beautiful entry. :)



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