Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taiwan Translated: Day 10 at Xitou

So our Taiwan travelogue continues: We spent the morning of Day 10 having breakfast with hubby's uncle and his family and strolling around the plum farm enjoying the beauty all around us:

Then it was down to the Xitou Forest Recreation Area (Xitou Senlin Youle Qu)...

We stopped along the way to drink (as well as purchase) tea, and the two little boys got to have some fun during that rest stop:

Shops in Xitou sell all sorts of bamboo products, and we enjoyed a very scrumptious lunch in one of the restaurants there, and tried among others: A cold chicken dish (very yummy!), a cold fern dish (this too was very good), bamboo shoots, as well as glutinous rice cooked in bamboo (what else!).  We also had fish soup, and the fish was really fresh. (They caught the fish from the tank at the front of the shop, and proceeded to hit it on the head with a bamboo stick in front of us...  That did dampen our appetites a little, but the fish soup really was good!)

With all that food sitting comfortably in our tummies, it was time for a walk.  We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the park.  Xitou supplies 40% of Taiwan's demand for bamboo, and the forest research station here cultivates more than one million tree shoots per annum for Taiwan's reforestation projects.  So if you like quiet walks among bamboo groves and tracts of cypresses, this probably is the place for you!

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