Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chinese New Year

We're back after spending CNY in Penang with hubby's relatives.  The hubby is exhausted from having to do the 8 hour drive up and down (which turned into pilgrimages lasting more than 12 hours each way thanks to all the jams we encountered).  Junior J is exhausted from missing his bedtime everyday, as we only managed to reach home late each night (which was compounded, since him sleeping late meant he slept poorly and woke up 5 over times each night!).  To top it off, the little boy's messed up schedule affected his mealtimes (and his food intake)... and resulted in me getting severely blocked ducts on Tuesday that stubbornly refuse to resolve til now... BUT...

The boy had a blast spending time with all of hubby's cousins, aunts and uncles, and of course, his grandparents (whom he really took to).  The photos say it all:

The boy had a great time being Superboy for a day, and spent quite alot of time happily scaling the staircases in his grandparents and greatgrandparents' houses and raiding the refrigerator doors for magnets...

And we got to celebrate his greatgrandfather's birthday as well:

Ahh... and I got to practice with the new 85 mm...  I would say it's not an ideal lens to be used on its own for family gatherings, since it was impossible to squeeze everyone into the photo for group shots (the 17-55mm was perfect for those but we didn't bring it since it was spoilt)... but it does do very nicely for close-ups!

Hope everyone had a great Chinese New Year!

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