Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday Made: Just for Babes

Ooops, ok, its a little late for a Monday Made post, but its been busy the past few days.  Also, our dSLR was sent for repair since the lens was spoilt, and I didn't want to post without pictures... We collected the camera yesterday, so its back to snapping and blogging again!

Spent the past few days sewing some of the nursing covers that some friends have ordered from me as gifts:

All the covers completed, and nicely folded, and guarded by Junior J's elephant!

I've decided to name my "shop" (but I'm not going full-blast into business yet, until my studies are done!) "Just for Babes"... "Just", as derived from my name, and "Babes" referring to both babies and their mums (who are babes too, in a different way!).  So if you ever need a nursing cover (for now, its just going to be nursing covers), and don't like the current designs in the market (and don't want to pay so much too!), do drop me a note!

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