Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thinking Thursdays: Why I teach...

I tutored a friend's church mate today as she needed help in her Sec 4 Biology.  After 14 months of being away from the classroom, I must say the thought processes that usually flow during a lesson were rather sluggish, and I hope I didn't confuse the girl more instead!

However, I realised something during the 1.5 hours that I explained my way through enzymes and the alimentary canal: I really do enjoy teaching the subject.  I guess I've loved learning about the animals and how the body works since I was young, and it gets me excited to try to explain all these things to someone else.  Also, I find it really amazing to learn how living organisms are designed, and how form meets function... And when the student suddenly understands some concept and you see the lightbulb go off in her head... That really makes your day!

Since we are on the topic, those biology-inclined parents who are looking for a nice book filled with animals and plants might want to check this book out:

(Matthew Van Fleet)

Kids would love this book since there are lots of different textures (and even a scratch and sniff part too!), along with some parts that can move.  The illustrations are really nice, and it comes with an alphabet chart too!

We bought this book for Junior J, but I'm currently hoarding it and not letting the boy have the book yet, since he's pretty rough with books now and might tear it!

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