Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday Made: Slotted building discs

The weekend was so busy, I had no time to craft at all.  However, I did make some slotted building discs for the little boy sometime back, and thought I'll just share about them.  They were "invented" by a dad who kindly shared the template at his blog, Made by Joel (visit his blog for more great ideas for DIY toys!).

Junior J doesn't have the hand-eye co-ordination to slot the discs together on his own, but he has quite abit of fun taking the discs apart after I slot them for him, and putting all the discs into a container.  In time to come, I'll probably make more of these and let him build towers or whatever else with them...

The discs are easy to make, you just need to cut the circles out of the template and glue them to card stock or cardboard, but do remember to align the slots on the front and back of each piece!  A plus point is you get to recycle old cardboard (cereal boxes etc) as the backing for the discs.   The hubby has 2 huge boxes of name cards that can't be used (the company printed them out before he turned registrar, even though he did inform them about the upcoming change), and they were of good quality card stock so I leapt at the chance of reusing them for something else!

Have a great week!

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