Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays:

Today, we give thanks to God for:

1. Rain.  Its been unbearably hot otherwise!

2. Naps, that give us as parents time to do other things, like rest (or blog! :p).

3. Baby kisses: The boy used to give us head-butt kisses, but now has started giving us kisses proper (by smushing his mouth on your face and going "muck"!).  Every time he does that, my heart melts!

4. Healthy snacks, like the yam cake my mum made over the weekend:

5. My mum recovering from the flu.  She was out of action for a few days, so I had to take care of Junior J on my own the past few days...

6. The hubby, who has been such a great help around the house!

7. The nice weekend that has just passed... We concluded it by making a trip to Plaza Singapura, having a simple dinner at the food court, which had these cool light fixtures...

... and going grocery shopping at Carrefour and stocking up on some stuff.  The boy had a good time examining all the food, but threw a couple of temper tantrums when he wasn't carried up to touch all the banners that were hanging down from the supermarket ceiling...

8. And finally, some weight and height gain for Junior J!  We brought him to get his parameters checked a week ago, and he's back on the 25 percentile curve for height (he was slipping off the chart last month since he didn't grow taller at all), and is following the curve for weight.  We both breathed an audible sigh of relief after we checked the charts!

What are you thankful for today?

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