Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: Better late than never!

Whooops!  Its been pretty busy the past few days since I've had to change my dissertation topic, so I had to spend quite abit of time reading up and writing the proposal for the new study... But I do so want to give thanks (even though its not Tuesday!) for:

1. Sunlight, breezy days, and clean laundry:

2. And also, morning showers that have been washing away all the stinky haze...

3. My dissertation making some progress, after a period of freaking out when I was given a new topic by my sup that involved long hours of fieldwork that I could not carry out, since I had to feed/pump milk... In the end, I managed to find a new topic which was given the "ok" by my sup... Best thing is it allows me to finish my field research and rush back in time to feed Junior J or pump... and I no longer need to drag the huge experimental arena to the field, or catch the crabs!  Thank God!

4. My NIE mates, who've been giving me so much encouragement during the period when I was super discouraged and considering quitting my studies since I could see no way of finishing my dissertation... One of them, who also works under the same sup, gave me lots of valuable advice on what I could do to salvage the situation, and her tips really worked! :)  Thanks guys!

5. The hubby, who was a pillar of strength during this period when I was super stressed... and was even willing to fork out the money for liquidated damages, should I decide to quit...

6. Flowers... just for the fact that they're so pretty! :)

Irises (I think, but my botany's not too good!) blooming in New Zealand

What are you thankful for today?

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