Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Made: 10 minute cushion covers

I had a wee bit of time over the weekend to do some sewing.  As we had alot of these small pillows lying around the house (don't ask me why, its a family secret! :p), I decided to sew a couple of new covers for some of them, so that they could be used to brighten up the bed (and make it more comfy) in Junior J's room.  Each took about 10 minutes to make, and are a great way to bring colour into a room.  A search online yielded alot of good tutorials on how to sew a cushion cover (Design sponge has a great one for a zippered version here, and the Cottage Magpie has another version here), however I was short of time and wanted to make one really QUICK.  So anyway, here's the lazy Mama's way of making a cushion cover when you have a little time when baby is napping:

1. You'll need only one piece of fabric per cushion, plus thread.  Nothing else!  (I did say it was the lazy version!)  The length of the fabric should be twice that (and add another 10 cm to that measurement) of the length of the inner cushion.  The width of the fabric should be the width of the inner cushion plus about 4 cm.  I used some cutesy fabric purchased from Taiwan as well as Heather Bailey's Tiled Primrose and Anna Maria Horner's Mingling.

2. Hem the two ends of the fabric by folding the edges twice, pressing them and sewing them using a straight seam.

3. Lay the fabric flat on a table with the wrong side facing down, and fold it such that the upper half of the fabric has a length that corresponds to the length of your cushion:

4. Fold the remaining part of the fabric over that upper half, like so:

5. Sew straight seams (about 1 cm from the edge) down both sides, and turn the cover inside out.  Viola!  A cushion cover!  And since baby is still napping, you'll have time to do a few more!

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  1. Hi Justina, Thanks again for the post about the crayons. I'm planning to sew up a cushion cover/pillow case storm this week too :> Happy crafting!



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