Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Hort Park

The hubby was not on call from Friday to Sunday (a really rare occurrence!), so we really had a nice weekend together as a family.  We had yummy dinners at home on both Saturday and Sunday night (ok it was fast food, consisting of sausages, baked vegetables, ham sandwiches and the like, but hey, it sure beats Macdonald's!).  We also went swimming on Friday as well as Sunday, since the hubby had to train for his upcoming Ironman triathlon (He's been asked to do the swimming leg for the relay by his colleagues). :)

On top of that, we attended a friend's daughter's first month celebration on Saturday, which was held at Hort Park.  It was our first time at the park, but we didn't really get to explore the place much... We'd brought the camera with us, but I forgot to charge the half-dead battery so we didn't manage to get any of the little girl whose first month we were celebrating!  However, I managed to snap some shots on the way to the function room, and these are my favs:

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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