Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: Looking forward...

Hello!  There are lots of things to give thanks for this week!

Firstly, the things I'm grateful for in the present:

Hands up those who want to skip mealtime!

1. Junior J's appetite still isn't exactly very good and he's not gaining as much weight as I would like, but at least he's following his percentile chart for his weight (but not height though, sigh).  And although mealtimes still take an hour each and involve alot of spooning fluids down to make him swallow his food, he's been finishing his meals so far (save for a few instances where he threw up!).

2. I've been reading up on the Montessori method, and most of it seems to make sense.  We've started implementing some of the suggested guidelines and I'm starting to understand why this method has had such a big following through the years!  More about that when I post on Thursday...

3. We've started this routine of reading to Junior J after his meals (to prevent him from being too active and getting a tummy upset), and I'm really glad for this cosy corner in his room where we can read his books:

We placed our old Papasan chair in that corner (ever since our friend sat in the chair and broke it, we removed it from our living room after it got repaired!).  Its perfect for curling up with a good book, and the little boy loves climbing into it and having his reading sessions there!

Then there are lots of things to look forward to:

4. Our discipleship group would be having a cooking party next weekend, where we'll get to learn how to cook dishes as a group!  I'm really looking forward to it!

5. This came in the post today:

An ex-colleague, an avid scrap-booker, did up a scrap-booking kit (consisting of a mini-album along with all sorts of stickers and tags) for me to celebrate Junior J's first year.  I can't describe how delighted I was to see all the cute little embellishments in the envelope, and I'm itching to get started on this!  Thank Jo! :)

6. We just got hired by a friend to photograph their wedding in May.  Yippee!

And finally...

7. Ohdeedoh (my favourite children's design site of all time!) just featured our little boy for their birthday shoutout! :)

Have a great week!


  1. The papasan looks like the perfect place to cuddle up for storytime!

    That's awesome that you are photographing a wedding! Have you done one before?

  2. Glad u liked the kit, Jus! Have fun doing it yeah????

  3. Gal, dun worry to much about the percentile thingy, I know it is hard. I used to worry about it as well. It does nothing but drain our energy. Now as long as my kids are active, happy, healthy, I dun really bother much about their percentile thingy... by the way those charts are based on formula fed babies. so it is not fair... I hope bb J will resume his eating soon. but be prepared till he turns 2 yrs old then it is back to normal. my gal was like that till 2 yrs old. she will keep her food in her mouth and refused to swallow and i have to feed her with water to flush the food down. tried all kinds of recipe all does not work... all we can do is be patient... very tiring... ~Ros~



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