Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Its a working Wednesday...

To date, I have 52 pages of raw data (in teeny-tiny Arial font size 9) to crunch before I meet my Prof tomorrow morning, so I'm just popping by for a short bit while taking a break.  My sewing machine and craft cupboard seem to be calling out to me, and my mind is swimming with loads of craft projects that I want to do... And of course, the biggest distraction of all is the cheeky little monkey hiding behind my chair and playing peekaboo with me, while I squint my eyes to try to make sense of all my results.  Can't wait for the day I hand up the completed, hard-cover version of my research!

Before I go, here's what we've been up to today:

Napping with two good friends. 

Playing with the Duplo bricks he got for his birthday.  
I fix them together, he takes them apart!

Have a great day!


  1. We got Truett megabloks for his Christmas presents too. He can spend like up to an hour playing with them quietly in a corner. Best $59.90 we ever spent.

  2. That picture of JuniorJ is sooo sweet, he looks so peaceful and relaxed! I love it when they sleep, ha, ha, ha!
    I play peekaboo with Lara too and she also has those bricks but she is more into cars, horses and our poor siamese cat who recieves a lot of wet kisses from her.

  3. Daphne: :) Yup, I'm a bit fan of Lego and Duplo and all those bricks... really has alot of mileage!

    Kira: :) Heehee, your poor cat! But it must have been so cute seeing her kiss the cat!



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