Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: Normalcy

Ah... After all that has happened, I'm just so glad that normalcy has returned this week... save for our antibiotic administration attempts (AAA)!  Here's what we're thankful for this week:

1. The reminder that God is faithful and unchanging.

2. Junior J getting so much better!  It was so heartbreaking to see him in so much discomfort, especially with his high fever...

Back to playing as per normal during mealtimes...

... and sitting like an Ah Beng with his foot on the table as usual! 
(He's engaged in one of his favourite pastimes, ransacking and messing up my mail!)

3. Friends and family: For all their concern, prayers, smses, messages, visits, advice and reassurances... plus all those comments left by you all over here! :)  You guys rock our world!  

4. Amazing AAA by my mum: She managed to get the little boy to eat his antibiotics yesterday, without having to disguise it in food... Her theory is that the meds are sweet, and mixing it in water or food makes it taste weird... whatever the case, the boy is eating his meds today, thank God!

5. A friend got married yesterday.  We were supposed to photograph her wedding, but because of Junior J falling sick, I was only able to take pictures during the morning part, and hubby did the dinner on his own... She was really understanding though, and it was so nice to see her so happy in the morning!

6. Rain: For the coolness it brings, during this hot hot hot period.   It comes as no surprise that Singapore's electricity consumption in April was at a 7 year high, from everyone switching on their air-cons!

Blue sky in the evening.  Taken on the way out, with the iPhone...

7. Little celebrations: We didn't manage to celebrate Mother's day amidst everything that was going on, but hubby bought cake one evening on his way home from Laurent Bernard, and we shared the yummies with my parents.  Their chocolate cake is oh so good... and I thought it was really sweet of the hubby!  

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. That cake certainly looks delicious....

    So happy to know little J is taking his meds. And how wonderful it is to have our moms around :)

  2. Eileen: It was really yummy! :) And yup, I'm so thankful for all the help from my mum...

  3. Hi MamaJ, I'm not sure if I have given you my email addy correctly...Just in case, here it is, eileen@budgetestore.com

    Hear from you soon,

  4. Eileen: Have mailed you... :)Thanks!



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