Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday musings: Light at the end of the tunnel

Picture taken at Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

Junior J is much better now, and we can say that we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel... :)  We must say a big thank you to all those dear people who left us messages empathizing with our situation, those who prayed for us, and those who popped by to visit (even when they were actually had alot of work to do).  It has been such a great blessing to have such concerned and caring friends and family!

After my post on Saturday, the boy actually seemed to get worse and his fever spiked up beyond 39 degrees, leaving him restless, cranky and uncomfortable... He spent Saturday night crying and tossing around, and much as we tried, we were unable to make the boy eat his fever meds since he wised up to us trying to introduce all those weird tasting syrups to him in various ways. We were getting a little desperate when a nurse friend suggested we try using paracetamol suppositories, so hubby popped by KKH to get some (Thanks, Strawberry!).  Thankfully he managed to get the meds in, and the boy's fever went down after that.  However, we had given him his antihistamine as well, which made him go gaga in the middle of the night (he woke up and wanted the hubby to carry him to and fro between the windows in our living room, to see the cars in the carpark, at 4 am in the morning!).   

He was much better on Sunday.  The fever was down thanks to the meds, and his coughing was less "tight" and frequent.  We left off the antihistamine yesterday night, so he slept pretty well save for a few bouts of coughing.  Today saw him toddling around the house as per normal, and the fever's gone.  His cough still bothers him though, and he's still really sticky and insists I stay with him, especially at night.  And we're still having a really tough time trying to get his antibiotics in (3 times a day, for 10 days, but I'm very doubtful we'll be able to last out that long!).  I don't blame him, since the smell of the amoxicillin makes me want to puke as well, and has been causing him to have diarrhoea. :(  

Ah well!  I'm glad all in all he's taken a turn for the better... and on an totally unrelated note (except perhaps that its related to Taiwan like the picture above), here's a really interesting concept: An exhibition hall, made from recycled plastic bottles.  

AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying (Via The Star Online)

Called the EcoARK, this is the going to be the main exhibition hall for the Taipei International Floral Exposition that is set to open in November this year.  The structure is built using polli-bricks, which are formed from reprocessing plastic bottles, and is strong enough to withstand major earthquakes and storms.  Also, the structure cost less to build compared to a conventional steel and glass structure, and the processing of plastic produces less carbon emissions compared to if glass was manufactured.  Cool huh? And green too!  Read the full article here.

Here's to a great week ahead! :)


  1. Hey I'm so glad Jude is better now! It's terrible to read about his illness and the ordeal you guys are feeling! But praise God that all's good now. Hang in there!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your son has been so sick. I'll keep him in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

  3. I'm really glad to hear that he is on the mend now. Did the PD prescribe lacto GG to counter the diarrhoea? It would be tricky to give him a suppository if he is having diarrhoea frequently... Yes, we have 2 different fever suppositories for kiddo that are stored in our medicine compartment in the fridge, one for high grade fever and one for low grade fever. They are really helpful when Benji needs to be on a buffet of meds, or when he develops temperature in the middle of the night. Remember to keep the suppositories in the fridge, yah? :D

  4. I´m glad Junior J is doing better!!! We feel terrible when our kids are ill and I know what you have gone through.
    Nice pictures!!!!!!!

  5. Jo: Thanks gal! :)

    Lindsay: Hello! Really appreciate the prayers... Hope your photography's coming on well...

    Yvette: Errr, nope we didn't have any stuff for the diarrhoea... but its quite mild so I think he'll be ok... Ya man, if he had bad diarrhoea, I won't want to be the one giving the suppository! And eeek! I didn't know we needed to refridgerate them... off to keep them now!

    Kira: Thanks! :)

  6. Take care mommy! You need to be strong and be able to take care of your little one. Glad to hear that he is better now:)

    My little one was also down with pneumonia and for two weeks we went different doctors and finally to the hospital. So relieved that he is finally cheerie and healthy again!

  7. Glad that Jr J is better!

    By the way the Marina Barrage has an entire wall made of recycled bottles with RECYCLED Water (i.e. NEWater. Beat that!

  8. Good that hear that Baby J is better already. It's really tough when the little ones fall sick.



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