Friday, May 14, 2010

Thinking Thursdays: A series of unfortunate events

Good grief.  You know the saying "It never rains but it pours"?  It seems to be the case for us this two weeks.  On top of what has happened last week, we been added a pretty sick toddler into the mix.  What started as a small cough on Monday erupted into a constant chesty cough that kept the poor fellow up at night and during daytime naps, and resulted in us being splattered with food during mealtimes as he would cough out half the stuff we fed him.  (He still is well enough to feed his "pet" terrapin a button meal though!)

I had to go down to NIE on Wednesday to meet my supervisor for a discussion, and since the hubby was giving me a ride, we had to bring the boy along (he wasn't that sick then, and I didn't store any milk so I had no choice!).  The boy threw up once on the way there (thankfully it was only a small amount of puke), but had fun exploring the campus while waiting for me.  However, when we were about to leave the campus for home, I realized that I'd forgotten to submit my transport claims form to my supervisor, and the hubby very nicely went off to do it while I waited in the car with the boy.  It was swelteringly hot, and the boy started turning red and really sweaty so I turned on the air-con for him.  The hubby came back about 1 minute later, and guess what?  The engine won't START.  He tried a few times... but to no avail, since our old battery had given its last gasp when I turned on the air-con, and died on us.  :(  We ended up camping in the NIE nursing room while we waited for the repairman to come, and amused the boy by taking photos using Photobooth on the Macbook:

The boy's cough got much worse yesterday, so the hubby thought we should get some cough meds for him after dinner.  We headed to the nearby shopping centre, and of the two pharmacies we visited, one had no pharmacy counter for prescription meds, and the pharmacist for other was off duty.  We ended up visiting a nearby PD to see if we could purchase the meds, but the receptionist said we had to consult the doctor first... The elderly PD who saw Junior J was brusque and businesslike in her manner (very unlike most PDs that we've seen, who usually have very sunny dispositions, and would play with their patients).  She said the boy was wheezing slightly, prescribed 3 meds for the boy, and waved us out.  Little wonder that her clinic was empty, when our usual PD would have been packed full even when it was late at night!  (But the lady was nice enough to waive the consult fee though, for that I'm really grateful!)

Sigh... For those who can, we would really appreciate prayers for the little boy.  He can't sleep well at night thanks to the cough, and all these sleepless nights are really wearing me out...

Hope everyone has a good weekend.... before I sign off, here's a book the boy is currently loving (which ironically seems to fit well with our current situation):

Ten Little Mummies: An Egyptian Counting BookTen Little Mummies: An Egyptian Counting Book (by Philip Yates)

I initially thought the whole theme of the book was a little macabre:  Little Egyptian mummies running around, and meeting all sorts of unfortunate fates. However, the story is pretty funny if you take the book with a pinch of salt, and I think children who are fascinated with Egyptian culture would probably like it!  Junior J loves it when he comes to the page that says "Surprise!" and squeals every time we reach that part of the story. :)


  1. Ufffffffff!!! Al mal tiempo buena cara, we say around here... You need a good face to face bad weather!
    Get well, JJ!!!
    ...and thank you for another book tip!

  2. Oh, I feel your pain. Poor baby (and mummy & daddy too!). Will keep you guys in our prayers - and hopefully he will be all well very soon. We do keep some supplies of some fever, cough and phlegm on 'standby', but this is after some time of finding what works (or don't work) for him. Having a sick baby is no fun. Our record is changing his bedsheets 6 times in one night because he was coughing so badly and was trying to throw up his phlegm. But as my PD says: Its only a laundry problem. :p Take care!

  3. Kira: Thanks again. :) I'll try to keep the good face!

    Yvette: Hey thanks... and oh so true... only a laundry problem! :)



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