Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Another great one...

We had another fantastic weekend, since the hubby was post-call on Friday, which made the weekend slightly longer for us. :)  Weekends spent together as a family are a rather rare occurrence for us, so we really try to use the time wisely when we have it!  So for the past 2 days, we managed to:

:: Do some painting in Junior J's room... I'm not going to post pictures of the finished product yet, look out for the "Monday Made" post later! :)

:: Chop up lots of veggies for home-cooked lunches...

:: Head down to church on Saturday, and got reminded about the importance for building relationships during the sermon...

:: Take part in a mini-triathlon (600 m sea swim, 10 km bike, 2.5 km run).  Ok, the hubby took part (and got stung by a jellyfish during the swim, but thankfully it was not a major sting...), while I went down later with Junior J to cheer him on at the finishing line:

I made two flags using post its and ice-cream sticks,
and Junior J waved them to cheer his Papa (it reads "Go!" and "Papa!" btw).
And those are the funky red running shoes the hubby has, a birthday present from his sister.

It was really really hot, but we were so very proud of him being able to finish his first "full" triathlon!  (and he even got interviewed by a reporter from the Straits Times!)

:: Hang out with our DG mates P and H, and their son, little Z, at the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden in the Botanic Gardens...

It was so hard to get the two boys to look at the camera at the SAME time.  
So this is one of the rare shots... but sorry P, that you got partially blocked!

We wandered around enjoying the flora and fauna (we spotted a squirrel and some interesting birds) in the garden...

This was taken by the hubby, and I really loved the shot!

... plus Junior J got to play with the fountains there...

... had fun shaking some musical instruments (made from plant parts) that were on display...

... and kept running off by himself to play on the grass!

The two boys had fun at the playground, where Junior J promptly tried to bury his legs in sand...

... while little Z couldn't really decide whether he liked the sand or not (it was his first time!).

:: End the day at the gardens, by having dinner together at Casa Verde, where the two boys sat opposite each other, stuffed pasta in their mouths, and generally made messes and exchanged toys...

The aftermath of a pasta dinner (taken by the hubby)

The restaurant had run out of the pizzas that they were so famous for, so we settled on pasta...

and left the place with full tummies, itchy mosquito bites, and tired little boys.  

See what I mean by them never looking at the camera at the same time?

It was really a blessed weekend.  I hope you had one too! :)


  1. so nice! next time i join can?? i haven't been there before!

  2. Sure my dear, we'll call you along the next round!

  3. Looks like your family had lots of fun :) BTW, I enjoy the pixs you took!

  4. The pictures post in this entry is simply awesome!



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