Friday, April 30, 2010

Sorry, not at home!

My 3/7 resolution went down the drain this week, as we took turns being away from home for the past few nights.  The hubby was on call 2 of the days, and has to attend a department dinner tonight.  The remaining days coincided with evening low tides, which meant that I spent a good part of the late afternoon out at the mangroves and could not cook...

Sunset at the research site

Anyway, speaking of being not at home reminds me of a card game we used to play when we were young, called "Happy families".  Ever remember this game, where cards were randomly given out to all players, and the aim of the game is to form up as many families of 4 as possible, by asking a player each time for a specific card that you thought he/she possessed?  I remember how we would gleefully say "Sorry, not at home!" whenever we didn't have the card, and how the families had really cute names like Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Pint (where Mr Pint was supposed to be a milkman)!

Well, here's an updated version of the game, called "We are a Happy Family".  Instead of forming up families using names, the cards bear various designs from 8 different artists, so you match up the cards using the alphabets at the top instead (for example, set A has 4 different artworks by the same artist).  I really loved the designs, so I ordered a pack to reward myself after my exams (and it just reached me recently, after making it through all the volcanic ash!).  And the nicest thing is, the proceeds for the cards go to the humanitarian organization, Doctors without Borders.  :)  Click here to read more about the cards, or email to purchase them.  The cards cost 16 Euros (10 for the cards, 6 to ship to Singapore).

Well, I'm off to key in more data, til next time, have a great weekend! 


  1. This game is new to me, I didn´t even know about its existence.
    Have a great weekend too!

  2. Kira, perhaps it may be an Asian thing... not sure... but it was pretty fun! Hope you have a good weekend hanging out with family!

  3. Thanks for posting about our project!


  4. hi mamaj! stumbled upon ur blog in my surfing n wanna let u know wat an inspiration u hv been to me! I can relate to u in manymany ways (it almost seems too uncanny haha) - am a teacher who just had a boy (he's a month old n I look forward to more adventures with him just like ur boy), contemplating giving up my job tho I love it, to be a SAHM.. worrying abt losing my mind talking baby language the whole day, but perhaps seeing things in a different light now, after seeing how u hv taken the opportunity to pursue ur interests whilst enjoying the growing up process of ur boy! thank you n keep up the great job, it's been a joy reading your blog!

  5. Esti: No worries! All for a good cause!

    To the new mama: Hello! Thanks for popping by and for those encouraging remarks! :) Its really fulfilling to be able to take care of your little one full-time, but I do find that it requires more energy than teaching (which already is so draining, as you know!)... I guess if you do become a SAHM, you'll be busy planning "lessons" for your boy, and having fun playing with him, as I do now! Do drop me a mail at if there's anything, and keep in touch! Take care! :) - Jus.



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