Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: Almost 17...

Oh dearest little boy,
Where has all the time gone?  It seemed like a few months back that we had a chubby little baby who could only gurgle... and now we suddenly have a running, laughing little fellow who turns 17 months tomorrow!  You are a cheeky one, and love to make us laugh.  You have an infectious grin, and have mastered an indignant look as well, by wrinkling up your nose (we think you learnt this from your godfather!).  You are adding words to your vocabulary everyday, and now can name your mouth (mah), nose (noh) and ears (errr).  You can point out your belly button (and ours, by lifting up our tops, ooops!), with unerring accuracy.  You love to help me dispose of any litter into the bin, while yelling "THROW!", and you have learnt the useful art of stomping on cockroaches from your grandma.

You can finish the lines of some songs, and belt out the words with gusto when you feel like it (kindly ignore my terrible Chinese and equally terrible singing):

You are still quite difficult during mealtimes, and would refuse to co-operate if anyone else aside from Mama or Papa tries to feed you.  However, you do have some favorite foods, like tofu, pasta, cheese and grapes. You are currently on a bib-strike, and you make horrendous messes during mealtimes, much to both your grandmas' horror!

You've become very particular about the songs you listen to, and demand for us to play "Skimbleshanks" or "Under the Sea" during mealtimes.  You love doing the actions to nursery rhymes and would pester us to no end to sing the tunes while you perform the actions (we had to sing Mother Goose non-stop in the cab to the airport when we sent your grandma off.  Imagine, 4 grown-ups singing "Itsy bitsy spider" and "Baabaa black sheep"!  Poor cab-driver!).

Reading is one of your favourite pastimes.  You'd flip through any and everything, including menus at restaurants (where you'd pretend to order inappropriate things like cocktails, by pointing at the pictures).  You also love to share books with others, and always try to give your books to other children when you see them in church!

You're an affectionate one, and would cuddle with us at any opportunity.  However, you'd put up a tough front when you're out, and would always refuse to hold our hand, and would try to run off at any chance you get!

We thank God everyday for you.  You light up our life!

Your Mama


  1. Awww this is so sweet!! You little boy is adorable... love the last picture the best!!

  2. That shot of him with your mum (?) - so sweet!

  3. Those lovely photos with grandma will bring back much fond memories in future:)

  4. Thanks everyone... :)

    Daphne: Its my MIL (she was visiting from Penang), she popped by for a week. :)

    Denesa: Ah yes.... I think she'll be printing them out and framing them!

  5. Love the take on the nap. It's everyday events like these that we often take for granted. The singing is so candid! Love it!

  6. Awwww he's so cute! And his cheeky smile/laugh! Priceless!! :)

  7. ArtSY: What you said was so true... its really those little everyday events that we take for granted but are those that are so precious!

    Eileen: Haha! My mum taught him how to sing the song, but he always mixes up the words...

    Peter Pan's Mommy: Thanks! :)

  8. he is a cutie...time flies, eh?

  9. Hiya!

    Just dropped by!

    Great blog! I love the last photo with grandma best.

    U really caught their expressions at the right time!

  10. Emily: :) Yes it sure does!

    Edmund: Thanks for dropping by... and for the nice comments! :)



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