Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wild Wednesdays: Kent Ridge Park

Ahh, Kent Ridge Park.  Its the place where the hubby and I used to go for walks last time (we liked feeding the arowanas in the pond) when we were still studying in the university nearby.  Just last weekend, we decided to pop by the place again with my MIL and Junior J, since we had to pay a visit to Ikea in the morning.  It had just rained...

... but the sun was out when we reached there.

We wandered slowly around the place until we got to the pond, where we spent a happy period of time just looking at the flora and fauna around us:

Dragonflies, darting across the water, in jewel bright colours...

Damselflies, stick-thin and equally pretty...

(Pssst!  Want to know how to differentiate the two?  Look closely at the two photos.  Dragonflies have two pairs of wings which usually differ in size, and are opened perpendicular to their bodies when at rest, while damselflies have two pairs of wings which are similar in size, and are kept closed parallel to their bodies at rest.  Read this if you want more information!)

I was having a great time taking loads of pictures of those pretty winged creatures, but was prevented from snapping too many photographs by this fellow, who was ambling along the periphery of the pond...

Meet Mr Monitor Lizard...
We also got distracted by the many types of butterflies that were fluttering around drinking nectar!

However, it got pretty hot, so we left after awhile, all tired, but happy!

Doggy came along with us.  See his happy face after the long walk?
Some things to bear in mind if you do visit this beautiful gem of a park:

1. Watch out for ants.  They're teeming everywhere, so teach your kids to be careful where they walk and what they touch!

2. Apply mosquito repellant before leaving the car or entering the park, which is swarming with mozzies!  We got bitten many times!

3. This park is rich in history, being sited on the hill which was a battleground in World War II.  Look out for the guns and tank that are displayed!

4. If you would want to give the kids a longer lesson in history, take the canopy walk which links to the museum "Reflections at Bukit Chandu". 

History, beauty, and nature.  What more can you ask for?


  1. Great, another place to add to my list :) Love the pixs!!

  2. Interesting facts about the different between dragonflies and damselflies, always love your lecturer about the living beings!^-^

    Hey, your doggy is so cute, remind me of my terrier(he got poisoned)...T-T

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

  3. Beautiful photos! What a fun place to visit. Nice review & great tips.

  4. Eileen: Thanks!

    Alice: Heee heee, can't seem to help myself! Oh dear, so sorry to hear about your terrier! You have a great weekend!

    Debi: Thanks! :)

  5. Hi there! My name is Aldin Sim and I am currently a student from the National University of Singapore. My group is actually doing a poster project to promote biodiversity in Singapore for one of my modules called: Natural Heritage of Singapore. I actually came across a picture of a monitor lizard in your blog, that you took in Kent Ridge Park, dated 24th June 2010. It is a really nice and beautiful picture taken of the lizard I would actually like to ask for your permission to use the picture as part of my project poster. 😃Sorry that I had to message you here instead because I cant really find other means of contacting you. Hope to get a reply from you soon! Thanks! 😃

    1. Hi Aldin,
      Thank you for dropping a note and my apologies for the delay in replying as my family has been sick. Yes you may use the picture, and thank you for asking first. However, please do include a picture credit to link back to this post. Thanks! For any other inquiries you can drop me a note at makingmum(at)gmail(dot)com

    2. Hi! Thanks a lot for your reply! yes, we will definitely include a picture credit to link back to this post. Thanks again! :)



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