Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend wanderings: A tale of four cities

The hubby was on leave since Thursday, so we (and my mum) hopped across the causeway and headed to Klang to stay with a friend for a two nights, since we needed to go down to Putrajaya (the admin capital of Malaysia) to submit Junior J's application for citizenship.  The submission process was simple, since it involved handing in a few forms and photocopies of various documents (loads of people have asked me why can't we do it over at the High Comm here, but I have no answer to that!), and I only snapped photos from the car, so we had some time to go explore elsewhere.

Bridge at Putrajaya

Our friend very nicely took time off from work to join us, and on my request, we entered the urban maze that is Kuala Lumpur, and headed for Pasar Seni (Central Market), since I always try to check out craft places where ever we go.  The place was chok-full of shops selling everything and anything related to handicrafts:

My mum got Junior J a Mickey Mouse watch (since he kept wanting to wear my Casio and looked really funny with a huge watch on his tiny arm!), and he spent some time admiring it...

... however, I tend to get a headache when faced with too many options when shopping (that's why I tend to avoid Orchard Road like the plague!), so we left after abit.  But we did get a pair of Van Gogh-ish paintings by a local painter (he paints really gorgeous works on mangosteens btw!)...

There was some talk about going to Batu caves after that, but everyone was tired, and the weather was oh so hot, so we headed back to our friend's place.  We headed back down to Melaka the next day to give my mum her shopping fix (and I also wanted to look at all those pretty handicrafts being sold at Jonker Street!), and ended up with a couple of really cute stools for Junior J's room (at RM24 a stool, I thought they were extremely worth it, especially since they were made of solid wood, and pretty sturdy!).

Junior J testing out the stools...

We also bought boxes and boxes of these really yummy pineapple tarts (however, they are only yummy when fresh, and tend to be just blah after two days!)...

... and my mum got all sorts of other yummies (she was smiling from ear to ear after all that shopping!)...

... and she smiled even more when we ended up at Jusco for some grocery shopping!

We too also were smiling after that, since they were selling jumbo packs of Huggies Ultra at RM 35.90!

No trip would be complete without yummy food, but that warrants a post on its own, so I shall sign off here!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Looks like you had a great time shopping :) Your photos are a delight to look at as usual. How's the pineapple tarts? I love pineapple tarts!

  2. Marvellous shots mama J, you look like a professional photographer!;)

    Have a beautiful day ahead!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend!
    Thank you for showing me all these far away places. I would love to visit that market place and its wonderful colours, and eat some local food, of course!
    Lovely stool, by the way. I´m thinking of buying a plastic chair for little Larinka because she is looking a place to sit all the time and our floor is too cold.
    My weekend was rainy but we are all very happy because Argentina won its first match. This country breathes, lives and loves soccer in a very passionate way.
    I have no nails left!

  4. Gorgeous photos!

  5. Love the stools! Will have to look out for them the next time I'm at Jonker Street.

  6. Fantastic photos! I can feel the energy! Thanks for sharing your bit of the world. :-)

  7. Eileen: The pineapple tarts were really really good... but only when they were fresh! I finished almost one whole box! :p

    Alice: Thanks! :) You have a good week too!

    Kira: Oh... yay for soccer! :) I used to watch matches, but now its only the hubby... And perhaps a carpet/rug would do for little Lara, as protection from the cold floor?

    Chocklitmom: :) Many stalls sell the stools and they have a huge range of patterns, but the one with the nicest stools had a grumpy uncle who refused to lower his price much after bargaining... Heh! Do check to see if the legs are even or you'll get a wobbly one!

    Planet Pink: Thanks for visiting!

  8. MamaJ- Your photography skills are excellent!! any tips to share?

  9. Woo..nice is Baby J Malaysian or Singaporean???? :)

  10. Levine: Thanks! Erm... *Scratch head* I usually just anyhow snapsnapsnap, haha! You're using a D40 right? What comes to mind right now would be the following:
    1. Try different angles when you take a shot... after all its all digital and can be deleted later!
    2. Keep to the rule of thirds if it works for the shot.
    3. Try shooting with aperture priority and playing around with different aperture settings... but with shots when you are trying to capture light, play around in shutter priority mode.

    Erm, if I think of more, I'll let you know! :p

    Jo: :) He's Singaporean! The application for Msian citizenship is pending and will probably take a long time... if its approved, it'll be dual citizenship until he's 18 I think!

  11. Ah ha..Dual citizenship! heheheh..Be Singaporean lah...more perks but whops! Maybe Malaysian is better..foreign talent has more privileges! :)

    I'm just playing a fool here..craft more!!

  12. Jo: We'll let him decide when the time comes! :) Either way, he'll have to do NS, which will be good, to toughen him up...

    Haha, I just scrapped a piece for my MIL, will post pictures soon...

  13. hey! gorgeous shots and I lurve those stools too! Am planning for a road trip to Malacca, will definitely look out for those!



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